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Stepping Stones Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

A community of practice (CoP) is a self-organising group which agrees on the form of working and the results they want to achieve through interaction. It focuses on a theme about which its members feel passionate, it brings about practical experience and questions, it has a balance between a formal and an informal structure (which includes tacit knowledge, not just written information), and its members show spontaneous interest and commitment.


About the Stepping Stones Community of Practice

The Stepping Stones Community of Practice (CoP) is a fantastic group of many hundreds of members from 100 countries worldwide, who are all passionate about tackling HIV and gender issues in their communities around the world. A community of practice cannot be created or mandated, but only nurtured and this is what has spontaneously been happening over the years since our first programme in 1995 in Buwenda, Uganda.

As a CoP grows in its own rhythm and produces its own results, we would love to hear from you and read all about your work with Stepping Stones, so that others can learn from your experience and support your activities. If you are not yet on our list, please do contact us . Prerequisites for a CoP are interest, trust, time, openness, and an absorption capacity for unexpected results. WELCOME!


Do also browse all our newsletters, so that you can see what inspiring things CoP members have been doing around the world.