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Stepping Stones Plus

Stepping Stones Plus was republished in June 2016, as part of a wholly revised and updated volume, entitled Stepping Stones & Stepping Stones Plus, by Practical Action Publishing. 

To learn more about this wholly revised & updated volume, click here.

Stepping Stones Plus was originally the second volume in the Stepping Stones series. This was first published as a supplement to the original workshop manual.  Launched in 2008, it addressed current issues such as male circumcision, treatment support and adherence issues, gender-based violence, and HIV & Motherhood in the context of sexual and reproductive health and rights of people living with HIV.

The supplement promoted a whole-community response to the HIV epidemic through appropriate care and support, and the involvement of people living with HIV in all aspects of the programme.

Stepping Stones Plus also offered a comprehensive approach to the “prevention of HIV for pregnant women, mothers and their children” advocated by the UN.

If you would like a copy of the original Stepping Stones Plus in French or Spanish, you can order copies from laura @ salamandertrust dot net (written like this to avoid spam).