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Our films about Stepping Stones & related issues

A. Our own Salamander Trust film channel on vimeo includes:

  1. The introductory clip to the original Stepping Stones workshop film. Strategies for Hope
  2. Stepping Stones Revisited – Strategies for Hope: an account of what has happened in the original community where Stepping Stones was used, 12 years later
  3. Stepping Stones with Children – short documentary and five films made by child and adult participants
  4. Seeking Safety: Stepping Stones in Malawi – short documentary and six films made by members of COWLHA Malawi and other community members
  5. Stepping Stones Community of Practice – short interviews with some of the leading Stepping Stones trainers around the world
  6. Other participatory film projects with women living with HIV, with accompanying short documentaries, from the Namibia Women’s Health Network, Mama’s Club Uganda and Positively UK. These cover many related issues which are addressed by the Stepping Stones programme, including peri-natal care, gender-based violence, property and inheritance rights, unplanned teenage pregnancy and more

B. We also have audio files. Our HIV, Women and Motherhood Project contains 14 audio interviews with women living with HIV from around the world and two international women leaders, about issues facing women with HIV in relation to motherhood. These are available both on-line and as a CD.