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Training for Stepping Stones

Trainers for Stepping Stones & Stepping Stones Plus

The Stepping Stones programme demands high levels of skills and experience of its trainers and facilitators.

We strongly recommend that you seek support from our recognised trainers in your country, to support you in adapting the programme for the communities where you work.

This photo is of the late Professor Rose Mbowa, of the Department of Music, Dance and Drama at Makerere University, Uganda. Professor Mbowa was the lead trainer of the first ever Stepping Stones workshop in 1994.

East and Southern Africa: please contact us here to access information about recognised trainers in these two regions.

Please also contact us for information about recognised trainers in other regions.
THE GLOBAL FUND: if you have followed this link from the Technical Concept Note of the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria, regarding work with Adolescent Girls and Young Women, please also view our presentations on Stepping Stones and Young People for the Youth Power Learning team | on Stepping Stones at the 3rd International Conference on HIV and adolescence in Oct 2019 | and our Adaptation Guidelines   to learn more about how you can maximise the effective use of Stepping Stones with young people. You can also read our FAQs here. Please do also contact us here:  we are ready to help you!

NB: if you would like to be considered as a recognised Stepping Stones trainer, please send us your contact details and a record of your experience to date.

Thank you.