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Seeking Safety: Stepping Stones in Malawi

Stepping Stones Participatory Film Training Project – Documentary Film called Seeking Safety

“I used to abuse my wife when she went to the hospital to collect her ARV treatment because she came back late and I didn’t like it. I stopped the abuse after COWLHA members came to my house to counsel me that what I was doing was violence”

As a part of this participatory film training project, members of the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS in Malawi (COWLHA) and their partners also gathered to speak in a documentary film, shot by film-maker and film trainer, Dr Dominique Chadwick of Social Films. The participants talked about how they used the Stepping Stones programme to overcome gender-based violence, improve communication and relationship skills and restore peace and prosperity in their families and communities. 
The film highlights the importance of developing good gender relationships through negotiations around money, medication and condom use in the context of HIV, GBV and SRHR.

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Feedback on the Film

“I have just watched the Malawi film it moved me to tears, such a powerful testament to how the Stepping stones programme is helping to educate so many people, all those involved in the making of it should be so proud to have produced such an inspirational documentary.”

“I found watching the films very emotional but I was very pleased that this is going on in Malawi… The filming is excellent as is the work that is being done with Stepping Stones globally and I feel the communities benefit and will continue to benefit greatly from the work, involvement and participation. Keep up the good work.”


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