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World AIDS Day 2020 – launching our podcast series

On World AIDS Day 2020 – our new podcast series

We are delighted to launch today our new podcast series about Stepping Stones.

Our first podcast is a very special conversation between two leading HIV activists, Fungai Murau and Angelina Namiba.

It is about the importance of how we support our children living with and affected by HIV to build resilience, hope and determination in a world full of challenges.

The conversation covers many topics, including | how Stepping Stones works to build consensus between children across age groups and across genders, whether living with HIV or not | strengthening mother-child relationships |supporting fathers to become more involved | breaking life-cycles of violence against women and against children | the power of experiencing the immersive Stepping Stones training process itself | an appeal to donors to understand the value of working holistically across the prevention – treatment spectrum and across the rich diversity of children’s lives rather than in silos | and why the programme title is Stepping Stones with instead of for Children.

Relax, switch on, listen in and become immersed in this wonderful conversation between two extraordinary activists as they share their own perspectives from all their rich personal and  professional lived experiences.


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