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Stepping Stones shown to reduce GBV again

A new in-depth evaluation of COWLHA’s three-year project “Leveraging Positive Action towards Reducing Violence against Women Living with HIV” in Malawi is available to read. It has shown that Stepping Stones training led to a reduction in the incidence and prevalence of intimate partner violence, improved communication among couples and a reduction in alcoholism (also reported as a trigger for violence within relationships).

“Stepping stones methodology enabled couples to open up on issues that trigger violence within the setting of their intimate relationships.”

COWLHA’s project has been running from September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2014. It was funded by United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.  The goal of the project was “To prevent intimate partner based violence for women living with HIV and create an enabling environment for the promotion of women’s rights” and Stepping Stones training was used as a key strategy. The project targeted women living with HIV who are members of COWLHA and their partners.
Read the full report by clicking here.
“I have realized that I was subjecting my wife to domestic violence which is a crime before the law. Through Stepping Stones I came to realize the root cause of my problem, which was my addiction to alcohol, once I stopped that, everything has changed for the betterment of our household.” 


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