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Adaptations, FAQs and more
Adaptations, Adolescents, Children, Disabilities/Mental Health, English, Espanol, Francais, Health Workers, LGB, Trans and Intersex, Men & Boys, Motherhood, People in prison, Portugese, Region, Scaling-up & Sustainability, Sex Workers, Teachers, Women and Girls, Worldwide

Adaptations en español abajo | en français ci-dessous The revised and updated Stepping Stones & Stepping Stones Plus and our new programme, Stepping Stones with Children are both now published by Practical Action Publishing. Adaptation […]

Stepping Stones in Mozambique
Adaptations, Adolescents, English, Gender relations, HIV Prevention, Men & Boys, Monitoring & Evaluation, Portugese, Scaling-up & Sustainability, Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights, Southern Africa, Women and Girls

Stepping Stones in Mozambique Stepping Stones, known as Caminhando de Mãos Dadas in Portuguese, was adapted for use in Mozambique by ActionAid, Estamos, UNICEF and others. To read more about its use in Mozambique and other lusophone […]