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Stepping Stones With Children

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Stepping Stones with children

Stepping Stones with Children

This is our new training package, for transformative work with children affected by HIV and their caregivers.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for some related resources.

The programme draws on a diverse range of disciplines. It combines the latest neuro-scientific research regarding child development with a gendered, child- rights focused framework. It takes a holistic approach, seeking to achieve multiple positive outcomes across a wide range of issues affecting children as they grow up. The programme draws on the creative and performance arts to maximise opportunities for active self-learning. It contains powerful exercises to engage children and their caregivers, convey information, explore norms, discover their abilities, and individually and jointly create stronger ways of being and doing. The sessions cover a wide range of topics in this framework including psycho-social well-being and resilience, assertiveness, bereavement, HIV testing, living well with HIV, preventing sexual abuse, and supporting survivors of abuse. They cover issues faced by all young people as they grow up, and which may be particularly challenging for those affected by HIV, from friendships at school, to relationships, sexuality, and livelihoods.

Each of the sessions clearly explains its overall purpose, and sets out the aim and method for each activity. Most activities are carried out with the participants working in their three separate peer groups of younger children (5-8 year olds), older children (9-14 year olds) and caregivers. Sometimes each peer group works in gendered-sub groups. The three peer groups occasionally work together, or come together to share what they have learned and to negotiate new ways of relating to one another.

Watch these short films to learn more about Stepping Stones with Children:

[Click here if you want a written description of these films instead]

The training manual is accompanied by a DVD with these films on it, and a Guide for Counselling Children Living With and Affected by HIV and Their Caregivers.  The Guide explains how counsellors can adapt their methods to counsel children affected by HIV and their caregivers effectively, with links to activities in the Stepping Stones with Children manual.

Click here to see the front and back cover and contents pages.

How to order Stepping Stones with Children materials

Because the workshop sessions are conducted with three peer groups – younger children, older children and caregivers – to run workshops you need at least 3 copies, so that each facilitator has their own copy, or ideally 6 copies so that assistant facilitators also have their own copy. Discount packs for trainers are also available. See more information about this through the link below. 

If you have a credit card you can buy from our publisher, Practical Action Publishing, in England: click here for the materials in English or ki-Swahili

Alternatively, check here to see if our publisher has a distributor that you can buy copies from near to you.

We also have some copies available for free distribution during 2018. Please click here to apply for free copies.

Free supplementary materials

Once you have your own copy of Stepping Stones with Children, we suggest you download the free materials below to maximise your use of it.

These include:

  • a Handbook and Synopsis to accompany the DVD which came with your manual
  • access to the Questionnaires we have developed for the full evaluation of the programme:

|Baseline 5-8s|Baseline 9-14s|Baseline Caregivers|Midline 5-8s|Midline 9-14s|

|Midline Caregivers|Endline 5-8s|Endline 9-14s|Endline Caregivers|Follow-up All peer groups|

If you would like to access these in ki-Swahili, please send an email to enquiries at steppingstonesfeedback dot org with your name and organisation name and location.

We will then send you the materials you request, by email.

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