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The revised and updated Stepping Stones & Stepping Stones Plus and our new programme, Stepping Stones with Children are both now published by Practical Action Publishing. Adaptation of the programmes is welcomed. However, as with any such programme, to make the adaptation effective in your context, this can require considerable investment of time and effort. Please contact us for information and permissions if you want to adapt either of these programmes for your own context.

To view the latest version of our adaptation guidelines, click here.

To view our FAQs document, September 2020, click here.

Please also view the scaling up and sustainability page here.

We also strongly recommend you read our CUSP article, blogs and reports here.

There are also many adaptations and translations of the original Stepping Stones manual. Contact us for information about them, since these may be of use to you also.

The documents above are key reading for anyone wanting to adapt our materials. They are especially important for those who wish to adapt Stepping Stones materials for use with grants from the Global Fund and from PEPFAR DREAMS and/or OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) programmes.

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Ahora publicadas por Practical Action Publishing, Paso a Paso y Paso a Paso Plus, y nuestra nueva publicación Paso a Paso con los Niños, han sido revisadas y actualizadas. Por favor contáctenos para mayor información o para pedir permiso si usted quisiera adaptarlas para su propio contexto. Además existen varias adaptaciones y traducciones del original de Paso a Paso. Para más información contáctenos puesto que los pueden servir.


Maintenant publiées par Practical Action Publishing, Parcours et Parcours Plus, et notre nouvelle publication Parcours avec les enfants, ont été révisées et mis à jour. S’il vous plait, contactez-nous pour plus d’informations et pour l’autorisation si vous voudrez adapter les publications à votre propre contexte. Il y existe plusieurs adaptations et traductions du manuel original de Parcours. Contactez-nous pour en savoir plus, puisque elles peuvent vous servir.

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There are many other resources also – please contact us for details of your country or context of interest for more information