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Advancing Gender Equality with Stepping Stones

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Gender Equality: Stepping Stones Newsletter 2  – July 2010

Please download below our second newsletter focusing on Advancing Gender Equality with Stepping Stones in the framework of the UNAIDS Operational Plan which comes into effect in March 2010. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletters, please fill in your details on .

To access the UNAIDS Operational Plan, please click here.

To access Baron Oron’s film about using Stepping Stones in Uganda to reintegrate returning army veterans, please click here.

To access the DFID report on Stepping Stones in Malawi (Tiwoleke), please click here.

To read the article by Professor Rose Mbowa article, please click here.

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The UNAIDS 2010 Letter to Partners is available below:

“AIDS is an epidemic of inequities. Last year an overwhelming 97% of all new HIV infections – and 98% of all AIDS-related deaths – occurred in developing countries. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region most affected and is home to about two thirds of all people living with HIV worldwide. Women in sub-Saharan Africa are disproportionately affected, and HIV responses must urgently revisit the frameworks by which they approach issues of gender. A broader approach is needed that includes issues such as maternal health, property rights and violence. We have seen the powerful outcomes when the AIDS and women’s movements unite.

Equity starts with the idea that all people should have equal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. Our challenge now is to take the progress that countries have made towards universal access and use it to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.”

Quote from Michel Sidibe, UNAIDS Executive Director

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