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Conflicted Communities: Stepping Stones towards Peace & Co-operation

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Conflicted Communities: How can Stepping Stones promote peace and prosperity?

In this newsletter we look at how Stepping Stones has been used to reduce conflict within communities. This includes conflict at all levels – from military conflicts such as war to the types of violence that occur within households.

Conflict affects men, women and children differently. Research has shown that women are often disproportionately affected by military conflict. They may experience displacement, disrupted livelihoods and access to public services, additional workloads within and outside the home, and increased levels of domestic violence.

Men who engage in conflict risk harm and death for themselves and others yet conflict may appear to them as their only option. In Karamoja, for example, young men raid cattle to generate income to buy food to eat. Elsewhere, men who become soldiers may be forced to leave their families and can be exposed to injury and death, leading to psychological trauma and stress.
What is clear is that both men and women experience gender based violence during conflict (and post-conflict) situations. By working across gender and generation, Stepping Stones has a unique ability to engage all members of a community.

In this newsletter we look at how Stepping Stones has been used to help communities to work together to overcome different types of conflict. Fundamentally, peace and security in our lives are connected with keeping safe, with blessings and joy. Below, we look at how Stepping Stones has been used to work towards these goals and to support people to move from violence to peace, from insecurity to safety and from crisis to prosperity.

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