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Stepping Stones in East & Southern Africa

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Stepping Stones in Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa

This page highlights a number of examples of how Stepping Stones is being used in East and Southern Africa.

Please also search for individual countries on this website for more information.

Stepping Stones at AIDS 2014

Stepping Stones featured in presentations about work in Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne in 2014

Malawi at AIDS 2014

Stepping Stones featured in a presentation by Annie Banda, Director of COWLHA, Malawi at a session at the Melbourne AIDS Conference. To hear and see her presentation, click here. To hear more about the Stepping Stones programme in the follow-up discussion, including about child marriage and about alcohol use, click here.

Stepping Stones in Malawi and related issues also featured in a film screening of “Seeking Safety: Stepping Stones in Malawi” and six related films made by COWLHA members. This film screening was presented by Nell Osborne in the Global Village. To watch the films from Malawi click here.

You can read more about COWLHA’s use of Stepping Stones further down on this page.

Tanzania at AIDS 2014


Stepping Stones work with children and their caregivers, led by our partner PASADA in Dar es Salaam featured on a poster at AIDS 2014. To view information about this poster click here. To view and download a pdf copy of the poster shown at the conference click here. To see more information about this programme, now published, click here.

South Africa at AIDS 2014

Andy Gibbs of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Heard presented in a session on Addressing Gender Concerns: Violence and HIV. His presentation, which can be viewed here shared findings of the recent Stepping Stones and Creating Futures livelihoods programme formative evaluation, by HEARD, MRC S. Africa and Project Empower in S. Africa. To view the abstract, click here.  To read more about the Stepping Stones and Creating Futures programme, view our Stepping Stones newsletter here.

Stepping Stones Around the World: Global Photo Exhibition at AIDS 2014

Nell Osborne also curated a photo exhibition of Stepping Stones around the world at AIDS 2014. This was featured in the Global Village.

More from Malawi

Baseline Report and Final Evaluation of Stepping Stones programme in Malawi

2015: Click here for the final evaluation report

2012: And click here to read COWLHA’s baseline report on Intimate Partner Violence experienced by women living with HIV – and its consequences.

Case study of use of Stepping Stones in Malawi by COWLHA highlighted in new UNAIDS/ATHENA publication

To read about this click here.

COWLHA Newsletters

You can also read the COWLHA Newsletters about their use of Stepping Stones:

  • please click here for 2010
  • and here for 2012
  • and here for early 2013 – or on the links below.

Read their latest 2013 newsletter here!

Short film interviews

Annie Banda, Director of COWLHA and Steven Iphani, Programme Manager of COWLHA, can be heard talking about their programme here.

You can also watch and read all about our innovative film-training programme with COWLHA here.

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